The album

“Innovative exploration of the hurdy-gurdy and some utterly exciting compositions… gorgeous.” (DJ Ritu)

“Terrific album” (Dave Eyre)

“A dauntingly impressive debut… certainly the best hurdy-gurdy album in my entire collection.” (Andrew Rilstone, Bright Young Folk)

“Long time have I been waiting” mixes old and new, straight and experimental, traditional, self-written and improvised, English and French, tunes and songs, hurdy-gurdy, melodeon and voice.

The album was mostly recorded by me on my own during 2011 in my kitchen in South London. A few friends also contributed – guitarist Franck Alba of indie soundscape collective Piano Magic, folk cellist Laura Victoria and experimental jazz musician Etmo.

The CD comes in beautiful recycled packaging. Sold out! Please use the contact form to register your interest in a reissue.

Digital downloads are available from Bandcamp.