Sky Blue

Sky is shimmering, high, blue
Wind is blowing somewhere new
And I can’t follow, follow you.

Sun is glittering, leaves green.
Fields and woodlands I’ve never seen.
Hedgeflowers blooming, grasses grow,
Far blue hillsides I’ll never know
And you’ve gone, you’ve gone, where I can’t go.

Swallows flying, high, free
Over the skyline, over the sea.
I’d fly to you if I was a swallow,
But I can’t fly and I can’t follow, follow you.

(J. Cahill)

Derrière Chez Nous

Derrière chez nous le rossignol y chante
Nuit et le jour il s’entretient d’amour
En répétant dans son charmant language
Les amoureux sont malheureux toujours.

Petits oiseaux qui volait par la plaine
Vous êtes heureux moi j’en suis malheureux.
Vous êtes heureux les uns avec les autres
Et moi j’en suis au rang des malheureux.

Derrière chez nous il y a t’une fontaine
Toute entourée de beaux lauriers d’amour.
Allons y donc, ma charmante que j’aime
Nous y prendrons les plaisirs les plus doux.

Derrière chez nous il y a t’une montagne
Moi mon amant nous y montons souvent
En la montant, hélas qu’il ya de peine
En descendant, il y a du soulagement.

(Trad French)


Annie at play, running all day.
Running all day, Annie at play.

Where does the time go?
Where does it fly?
The days last forever,
Then they slip by.
Oh child, where are you now?
Where are you now? Where are you now?

(J. Cahill)

Cold Blows The Wind

Cold blows the wind tonight, true love,
Softly falls the rain.
I’ve never had but one true love
In greenwood he is lain.

I’ll do as much for my true love
As any young girl may.
I’ll sit and mourn all on his grave
For twelve months and a day.

When twelve months and a day had passed
The ghost began to speak.
“Why sit you here all on my grave
And will not let me sleep?”

“One thing is all I crave, sweetheart.
One thing is all I crave.
And that is a kiss from your pale, cold lips,
And I will leave your grave.”

“My lips are cold as clay, sweetheart,
My breath is heavy and strong.
If you were to kiss these pale, cold lips,
Your time would not be long.”

“When shall we meet again, sweetheart?
When shall we meet again?
When autumn leaves that fall from the trees
Grow green and spring up again.”


Bushes & Briars

Through bushes and through briars
I’ve lately made my way
All for to hear the small birds sing
And the lambs to skip and play.

I overheard my true love.
Her voice it rang so clear.
Long time have I been waiting for
The coming of my dear.

Sometimes I am uneasy
And troubled in my mind.
Sometimes I think I’ll go to him
And tell to him my mind.

But if I told my true love,
My love he would say nay.
If I showed to him my boldness,
He’d not love me again.